Re: Bering strait land bridge

Dan Barnes (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 16:41:57 GMT

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>Who crossed the Bering strait land bridge from Asia to America? I heard a
>theory that some were from India. Does anyone know where I can read more
>about it? I was given the name William Douglas in association with this
>theory. What has he written on the subject?
It would most likely be AMHs from northern Asia who, when they reached the
Pacific coast, turned north. There is mtDNA connecting Mongoloians with native
Americans (but I haven't got the ref here). Southern Siberia was populated early
(ca. 40 - 50 ka compared to Europes c. 38 - 40 ka) and a map of the tool
distributions shows a slow easterly (and later notherly) progression. The higher
lats are very productive and also permit a way round the Gobi/Himalaya

Sorry I don't know who W. Douglas is.