Re: Ph.D. Dissertation Woes? Here are Several Ideas!

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Fri, 27 Sep 1996 09:17:32 +0800 wrote:
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> Political Sci/Social Sci Term Paper Ideas Available
> Sociology Term Paper Ideas Available
> Downward Cross Equalization of Wages - The Debate Rages On
> Equal Employment Op = Unconstitutionally Vague Law?
> Why Prospective Employers Won't Quote Pay Rates
> Upward Invasion of Professions, and It's Ramifications
> Why the Dilbert Principle is So Prevalent
> The Value of the Least Preferred Job Candidate Revealed
> Management Consulting Equals Rent-A-Crony
> Illegal Immigration, Why the Government Looks the Other Way
> EEO Brain Teaser Enclosed Herein
> More EEO Puzzlement
> Reply to Nicolle
> Economic & Social Analysis of Humongous Sports Salaries
> EEO Ushers in Service Jobs, Ushers out Manufacturing Jobs
> Why Do Companies Merge? Here's Why!
> Bye, Bye, Birthright, I'm Gonna Miss You So!
> To the Good Life, Kiss the Good Life Goodbye
> Females Lower Their Own Wages Under EEO

And some more of your old favourites, like "Danny Boy".