CD-ROM 'Bali Interactive' released in English and in Dutch

Fekke de Jager (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 08:29:08 GMT


The CD-ROM 'Bali Interactive' is to be released in Dutch on September
'96. The English version is expected to be released in December '96.

The CD-ROM is an interactive multi media introduction into the culture
of Bali, island in the Indonesian archipelago. Some of the features:

For the Dutch version:
- more than 300 full color photographs of which more than 270 full
- half an hour of stereo sound, music and environment
- 13 minutes of video clips
- 11 interactive maps and plans,
- about 50 menu screens, including 21 mosaic screens, full interaction
through clickable words, thumbnail pictures, buttons, etc
- about 50 information screens,
- an index of about 400 words,
- text of about 38.000 words,
- auto-projection
- two color versions on one CD-ROM: one in 24 bits (for 32.000 colors
and more), and one in 8 bits registration (256 colors).

The English version is slightly different: there is more stress on the
visual arts, and the 256 color version is omitted, thus giving more
room for viudeo clips (about 20 minutes).

The Dutch version is published by:

Libra Films BV
Amperestraat 10
1221 GJ Hilversum
The Netherlands
tel: **.31.(0)35.6859066
fax: **.31.(0)35.6835306

The publisher of the English version will most likely be:

The Pepin Press BV
PO Box 10349
1001 EH Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel: **.31.(0)20.4202021
fax: **.31.(0)20.4201152

More information:

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