Wenthold Paul G. (wenthold@jila02.Colorado.EDU)
26 Sep 1996 00:58:50 GMT

In article <>, Psycho Dave <> wrote:
>Publius wrote:
>> If they really believe what they preach, then they should
>> readily admit that as the Evolutionary Process continues, it
>> is just a matter of time till Man is succeeded by a Being as
>> superior to Man as Man is to the Ape.
> Okay. I admit it. It is only a matter of time (or rather,
> a matter of time and circumstance -- because evolution
> tends to work when there are environmental changes) before
> man is replaced by a more advanced species. Big deal.
> we'll all be dead by the time it happens, so who cares.
> Are you asserting that we deny the inevitable?
>> Instead, some say that
>> Evolution "was" but no longer "is" - its possibilities evidently
>> exhausted.
> I challenge you to provide one single example -- a simple
> quote from an evolutionary scientist, who said that
> "evolution was but no longer is". I dare you. I double
> dare you. You lie like a Clinton!

In fact, it is the friggin creationists that keep harping "why has
evolution stopped with humans" and the response is "we _are_ still
evolving." Old Pubic-hair has come up with a cute little straw-man
argument that is easily seen right through.


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