Re: Careers

Noel Dickover (
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 16:05:47 -0400

Stephen Barnard wrote:
> > I looking into getting a degree in Anthropology and interested and any
> > basic books that could help me become familiar with the subject. The
> > job prospects are important to me right now,...
> >
> > Terry
> I strongly suggest that you brush up on your postmodern jargon. That's
> the only way to get ahead in anthropology.
> Steve Barnard

How about employing anthropology to help the business community,
specifically, organizational change type issues. I have an undergrad in
Anthropology and a Masters in Cybernetic Systems and have found both
areas of knowledge critical to addressing organizational change type

The study of Anthropology teaches people to approach situations
(problems, issues, etc.) holistically, instead of as individual
cause-effect actions. Over time, a much clearer discription of the
situation emerges from this holistic, and sometimes multiperspective
approach. It turns out that this same approach is VERY useful in
addressing complex problems. Unfortunately, it seems as if the
anthopological community is devoting scarce attention to this vast,
undertapped, but urgently needed area.

If anyone is interested in this type of work, I would suggest focussing
your anthropological work towards understanding cultural change.
Eventually, you can ewxpand on this base by learning facilitation
techniques or systems thinking, etc.

Noel Dickover