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Wed, 25 Sep 1996 03:37:12 GMT

[A-hem. since Publius has nothing to do with science, sci.* groups trimmed
from followups]

Egads! AutoPublius strikes again!

Thusly spake Publius ( unto alt.atheism:
> Those of us who have been probing the workings of the
> Atheist/Darwinist mentalities have come up against a puz-

Atheist is not capitalized unless at the beginning of a sentence,
btw. Atheism and Darwinism are not the same thing. There are many,
many, _many_ theist Darwinists out there. And hell, there are
even some non-Darwinist atheists.

> zling quirk in their thinking process:

> If they really believe what they preach, then they should
> readily admit that as the Evolutionary Process continues, it
> is just a matter of time till Man is succeeded by a Being as
> superior to Man as Man is to the Ape.

Question: Which evolutionists are saying that it won't?

> Instead, some say that
> Evolution "was" but no longer "is" - its possibilities evidently
> exhausted.

Question: Which evolutionists say that?

> The smart ones keep quiet because they know that
> if they are true to their Belief they will be admitting that
> Evolution is an open-ended process - in infinite Time and
> Space - and in one way or another, inexorably leads to "The
> Ultimate Configuration of Life" which I have called "God"

Good lord. So God is evolving, then?
BTW, your babbling is slipping into declaring evolution a part
of the Hegelian Dialectic of spirit...Publius has shown me the
way! Weltgeist, here I come!

[balance of idiocy splatted]

PS: Who taught this fool English? The concept of proper nouns vs.
common nouns obviously didn't filter through his purty lil' head

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