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24 Sep 1996 19:07:50 GMT

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> Those of us who have been probing the workings of the
> Atheist/Darwinist mentalities have come up against a puz-
> zling quirk in their thinking process:
> If they really believe what they preach, then they should
> readily admit that as the Evolutionary Process continues, it
> is just a matter of time till Man is succeeded by a Being as
> superior to Man as Man is to the Ape.

Evolutionary Theory certainly says that this is possible. It does not say
that it is inevitable. By the way, I am not sure what you mean by
superior. I am going to assume that you are referring to intelligence.

> Instead, some say that
> Evolution "was" but no longer "is" - its possibilities evidently
> exhausted.

Who is saying this? I know of nobody. There are some who still regard
humans as a special case and believe that we are now somehow exempt from
the processes of evolution (Marvin Harris, for one) and Wallace felt that
the human brain was not the product of evolution. But no mainstream 1990's
biologist that I have ever heard of has said that evolution's possibilities
are "exhausted".

>The smart ones keep quiet because they know that
> if they are true to their Belief they will be admitting that
> Evolution is an open-ended process - in infinite Time and
> Space - and in one way or another, inexorably leads to "The
> Ultimate Configuration of Life" which I have called "God" (for
> want of a better title). To say that there is a Vector or an
> Order to Evolution (ask Gould) is an Atheist/Darwinist No-No.
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Evolution is indeed an open-ended process. Unless some major catastrophe
occurs which wipes out life on earth, then the process will continue for
about another 900 million years, when the temperature of the planet will be
too high for the necessary chemical reactions to occur. There is no
Ultimate Configuration of Life, and if that's what you want to call God,
well...good luck.

Michael Daunt