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Tue, 24 Sep 1996 18:16:30 GMT

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> (Tom Brown) wrote:

>>To Eric Brunner, regarding his response to sisial@ix.netcom:

>> Your elitist academic tone is abhorrent. You may have a
>>few good points to make, and some worthwhile evidence to offer;
>>however, my impression of your entry is that you truly value
>>form over substance. Essentially, what you are saying is that
>>if someone does not have a firm grasp of the so-called "key"
>>academic terminology, then there is no point in entering into
>>any conversation in the general field.

>Uh, Tom, wake up. Eric's tactics have been blatantly apparent since
>about the third post in this thread (what about 2 or 3 months back).
>He's particularly good at the mumbo jumbo when he's unable to
>substantiate his opinion, or logically decompose a different opinion.
>Eric beleives that science and scientific methodologies are stricitly
>of non-native ameircan origin and as such are not to be trusted, thus
>logic, epidemiological studies, molecular genetics, immunology all
>must be filtered to that which is acceptably non-european to be
>trustable, alas if you can do this as he does you are a scolar of
>Eric's level, elsewise, well we get flameus-contortious. Leave it be
>and let the thread die a peaceful death.

Dear Philip,

follow your own advice!

It is *not* my experience that Eric is "good at the mumbo jumbo."
Neither does he believe as you perceive that "science and scientific
methodologies" are to be mistrusted, or illogical, or that epidemiological
studies, molecular genetics, and immunology are somehow unintelligible
gobbledygook of an occupying culture. My understanding is that Eric very well
understands the implications of the method and the science, and that his
interests, work, and accomplishments are just the opposite from what you've
tried to label him.

You'll find reason for objections of fact and ideas reflected in your own
misrepresentations. My advice to you, to avoid "flameus-contortious," is to
keep your subjective opinions to yourself, that is, unless your just assuming
a posture to piss from.



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