Re: More on Immigration, Legal and Illegal

allan (
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 15:16:38 -0400 wrote:
> The fresh blood is the immigrant who, by the way, is more
> than eager to come to America where the streets are "paved
> with gold" [yeah, right?], and who is more than eager to
> accept below average wages in order to become established.
> Meanwhile, the whites are being undercut and displaced; they
> are sinking deeper into the EEO-impelled, societal multiway
> tie for last place; are they are being reduced to collecting
> welfare. The S's and the L's* sing the praises of immigrants
> and their fueling of economic activity, then the S's and the
> L's have the brazen effrontery to turn around and castigate
> the whites for being poor white trash.

what about white immigrants?? i mean aren't there white immmigrants as
well? in fact as of 1995 the largest group of immigrants are from
european countries.

how does this giure into the equation?


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