Re: terms

David Lloyd-Jones (
24 Sep 1996 16:33:04 GMT Back-Cunningham) wrote:

> Schizoid implies being classified under the 'Diagnostic and
> Statistical Model - the infamous DSM' as schizophrenic -
> schizoaffective - would imply an 'affected' schizoid - someone
> who affected to appear that way - multi-personality - or
> multi-entity - in real life, generally in response to a
> certain situation that the original entity or personality was
> unable to handle - eg. small, wimpish person, has another
> side - Rambo - that comes out when he gets pressured or stressed
> in some way.

Errol Back-Cunningham is making it up out of thin air, and can't be
bothered to look it up in a common dictionary.

The "affect" referred to in schizoaffective is not affectation, but
affect, which means mood, with a slight bias toward meaning the
external manifestations of mood. The major affects are mania and
depression. Doctors tend to think that these are the only two, but
this is wrong. "Saturninity" or any other mood that shows would also
be an affect.

The entry for schizoaffective in Webster's Third reads exactly what
you would expect it to read: "exhibiting symptoms of both
schizophrenia and manic-depression."

Now then, Errol, up to the blackboard. Write one hundred times "I
will not make stuff up when I don't really know."