Call for Abstracts

Marianne Sarkis (
23 Sep 1996 16:30:47 GMT

Call for Abstracts
Society for Applied Anthropology
Method -- Power -- Change

The Society for Applied Anthropology's next meeting will be taking place
in Seattle Washington on March 4-9, 1997. The theme of the meeting is
"Method - Power - Change". A session is being organized on

"Genital Mutilation and the Role of Applied Anthropology".

Abstracts (not the entire papers) are now being accepted for this session.
Please note the following:


Individual abstracts are due by email to by September
30. Those who get selected will be notified by email by October 1st, and
will be asked to submit a hardcopy + registration by October 10th.
(The deadlines are not negotiable, and please note that only the
abstracts are due, not the papers.)
Papers are due February 15th.


Marianne Sarkis (