A Piltdown Man Bibliographical Web Page

George Turrittin (george@ghost.uunet.ca)
23 Sep 1996 03:06:47 GMT

If this a repeat posting, my apologies. My newsreader/poster is
somewhat flaky, so Richard Harter and I are both posting just in case.

For people interested in Piltdown Man, I've set up a web page with a
mostly complete bibliography for all the major Piltdown Man literature
printed after 1953. This web page is actually two; one is the straight,
alphabetized bibliography, and the other is an organized reference, where
I've tried to divide the literature into some component categories.

The categories include an overview of the original publications in 1953
when Piltdown Man was exposed; Piltdown Man as it appears in fraud and
forgery books; and a section on other frauds that Charles Dawson has
alledgedly been involved in.

And then, of course, the largest portion is concerned with the Piltdown
"whodunit", divided into the various major claims in chronological order
that have been made over the years. There's also a section on Piltdown
Man as it appears in science/evolutionary textbooks, but that part only
has general examples, since most textbooks mention it somewhere.

Comments/critique appreciated!

The web pages are:


Richard Harter has mirrored the pages at his site, which has its own
excellent page on Piltdown Man:

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