Re: Illegal Immigration: Why the Gov't Looks the Other Way
Sun, 22 Sep 1996 20:08:52 -0500

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something that ain't necessarily so.

> >The Author previously wrote:
> >
> >You make it seem that one situation is mutually exclusive of the
> >other. They are not, and they are currently happening simultaneously.

jwas wrote:

> Not with the *same jobs*. No Mexican comes to the USA
> to take a job that had moved to Mexico.
> The two situations, then, *are* mutually exclusive
> for any given job: and so, overall, for all jobs,
> the more there is of one, the less there is of the other.

The Author responds:

jwas left a dimension out of his simple analysis. It is
discrimination. I don't know how legal discrimination is in
Mexico, but legal or not, if factory operators move to Mexico
and discriminate and hire the best of the bunch, the lesser
preferred Mexican job applicants will be left empty handed,
unless of course they cross the border and work in the U.S.
for peanuts. So there can be ever increasing traffic in BOTH
directions. Sorry, jwas. Try again!