Re: Careers in Anthropology??

Stephanie G. Folse (
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 12:43:42 -0600

On Fri, 20 Sep 1996, MoonRat wrote:

> I want to thank you for your informative post on museum careers. I would
> love to volunteer, and i will try, but i somehow doubt my hours will be
> compatible with the museums.

That is always a problem... :) However, you can start by seeing if any
museums in your area need volunteers for docents (usually guides) or
front-desk or gift-shop help on the weekends, or if any in your area are
putting on special exhibits (like here in the Denver area, the Denver
Museum of Natural History is frantically preparing for the November
opening of "Imperial Tombs of China") sometimes they can use volunteers
in the off-hours to build stuff.

> In college i was unable to do any
> internships, since i had to work all the time to pay my way through
> college, and now, paying off the loans from college means a full time job.
> if i do go for my master, i am going to do everything possible to get an
> internship.

If you go for a Master's, then try to find a program that *requires* an
internship, because if it does, you can get student loans to cover the
time you are doing the internship without taking any other classes (of
course, I figure this out *after* I do my internship...).

> thanks again, it may not sound like it, but your post did make me feel a
> bit more hopeful.

You're welcome! Good luck.


( Thomas said:
> (oh, REMIND ME FREQUENTLY about your exhibit, as the days go by, please.)
so this is for him (everyone else can ignore at will):
Opening Reception: Friday, Sept 27, DUMA Gallery, 5:00--7:00