Re: the arrogance of postmodern mumbo jumbo

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20 Sep 1996 11:18:36 -0600

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Mary Beth Williams <> wrote:
>M. Foucault's _The Order of Things_ (1970, Random House) first appeared
>in France as _Le Mots de les Choses_ in 1966 (Editions Gallimard), a
>good two decades before the purported *collapse* of socialism. Of
>course, Foucault is a product of French Intellectualism with roots
>leading back to Sarte (for some reason that spelling looks funny to me,
>but I'll write it off as post-partum brain-loss), who wrote at the very
>height of the Socialist movement.

Thanks. Obviously, I was wrong.

>I wonder how many people actually have a clue as to the history and
>tenets of post-modernist (and its counterpart in archaeology,
>post-processualist) frameworks, or have they just set them up as
>Limbaugh-diam straw men.

Well, my historical perspective is lacking, but I have talked with
postmodernists on the campus and on the internet.

I've even read through some journals, and postmodernist "critiques" of
the scientific "construct."

I see pm's as very much like Limbaugh--sophists who love to talk and
yet, in the end, contribute little to our understanding of reality.
They, like Limbaugh, purposefully mischaracterize what others say and
mean, and like Limbaugh, are most profitably ignored.

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