Re: Please Chant This Shamanistic Chant With Us (at PIU)!

Matt Silberstein (
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 23:01:34 GMT

In sci.anthropology "Philip Nicholls" <> wrote:

>Tony <> wrote in article
>> We of the PIU ask that all fans of Shamanism chant this Shamanistic
>> Chant with us here, as we do each Thursday morning.

>Yet another new-age moron playing with something he cannot
>Shamanism is a very important part of some peoples culture. It is
>not a fad,
>it does not have "fans."

>Why do they have to steal other peoples culture to fill the emptiness
>in their lives?

It occurs to me that they are taking something mystical and personal
and destroying its essence, much like the TV Christian evangelists. I
wonder if the "chanters" could see and appriciate the comparison?

Matt Silberstein
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