Re: Repatriation

Mary Beth Williams (
20 Sep 1996 13:38:15 GMT

In <> (Susan S. Chin)
>It's been 6 years since the passage of the Repatriation Act, whereby
>Native American remains and artifacts held by federally funded
>institutions must be made available for reburial or return to Native
>American groups.
>I'm curious what the effect this has had on anthropologists and
>archaeologists specialising in the study of Native American
>Overall, has this hindered/helped Anthropological studies? Has the
>increased dialogue between Native Americans and Anthropologists?

I think I need to be careful answering this, as I might find myself
eluding men in white coat curious as to why I'm holding a dialogue with
myself <g>... Bet Steve Russell has the same concern, don't you Steve

MB Williams, Kennebec-Penobscot (with tongue firmly planted in cheek)
Dept. of Anthr., UMass Amherst