Re: culture as gene-flow regulator: the arunta

Bryant (
20 Sep 1996 14:59:00 -0600

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Daniel Maltz <> wrote:

>Does anyone else notice a pattern here? Whenever asked to cite some
>evidence for just about anything, Gerold Firl cites _Profiles in
>Ethnology_ by Elman Service. It doesn't seem to matter much to him that
>this is an introductory textbook and not a very recent one at that. It's
>apparently the only anthropology source he's ever read.

This is a pretty weak complaint. The man gave you a reference; if it
contains the material you're asking about, he has answered your query.

Your statement that he has referred to this reference before suggests a
much better track record than that of many ethnologists on this newsgroup, who
insult, denounce, and attack in response to requests for reference material.

This is the first time that I've seen somebody insulted for *providing* a
reference, however.