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> > Mr. "Author", you opinions are if anything devisive.

Nicolle wrote:

> "The Author" appears to want a digression to
> the days when blacks were in slavery, women in the home, and the Irish,
> Latino, etc people had no hope of "making it" in this country. Reality
> check -

The Author responds:

Reality check is right! It's definitely time for one! Years back, I
am sorry to say, the Chinese were at the bottom of the social totem pole
ROSE TO EXCEED THAT OF WHITES BY ABOUT 1950!! Another very interesting
example is the income accomplishments of West Indian Blacks in the U.S.
prior to government enforced equality. YOU PEOPLE ARE BEING DEVISIVE,
NOT ME!! Get your facts straight!

If anyone would like a free email copy of the multipart
treatise on the downward wage equalizing effects of
equal employment opportunity, send a brief request to:

This treatise is chock-full of ideas for papers in
the areas of economics, political science, sociology,
psychology, management, law, etc.

Hurry while the penet remailer is still forwarding email
to the "na" form of addresses!

"Government enforced wage equalization will work only in the
downward direction" - despite any initial appearance to the
contrary! And believe it or not, the least preferred job
candidate doesn't even have to be awarded a job for many
phenomena to take place!