Re: how many bastards are there, anyway?

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18 Sep 1996 14:08:58 -0400

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>>but me? I mean, why stick spurs on something's head? Just for fun? If
>>so, why just castrated cocks - why not the standard variety? Anyone seen
>Cockfighting. Cocks fight each other, and you bet on the winner.
>It's done to give advantage in a cockfight.

Are you serious? If so, can you give me some references? The problems I
see with this statement are:
- usually a castrated animal is less aggressive - why castrate something
and then use it for fighting?
- the spurs are taken OFF the same cocks. That means they will lack the
leg spurs when they gain the head spurs.
- head spurs? I've seen lots of roosters fight (not in tournaments, just
in our barnyard, for dominance [with the other roosters, not with me,
silly]) and I've never seen a rooster try to head-butt. And you ain't
gonna train them to do it.

Has anyone got any ideas that aren't guesses?


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