Re: Political Sci/Social Sci Term Paper Ideas Available

Matthew E. Thomas (
Thu, 19 Sep 1996 18:27:01 GMT (Andries du Toit) wrote:

> wrote:

>>Anyone with an ounce of reading comprehension will easily
>>understand that the crux of the posting is how equal
>>employment opportunity and affirmative action are reducing
>>COMPETITION. This is race neutral, you idiot! Equal employment
>>rights for females and others reduce competition just as much as
>>the EEO laws which pertain to race!

>Well, ounces or not, your posting sounds racist to me.

> Thank you Rob K, that was most entertaining!

>And - if the postings "The Author" (whoever he/she is) has sent to
>this and other newgroups is any indication of the quality and or tone
>of the promised learned work - no thank you, r
> , I would NOT like a free email copy of the
>multipart reatise on the downward wage equalizing effects of equal
>employment opportunity. As for using these ideas for a term paper -
>Not A Good Idea!


>The Americans we will always have with us.


>Andries du Toit

racist and
misogynist tripe?

It cetainly is.
What is this doing on a sociology group? It certainly dosen't contain
any valid sociological theory?
A Social psychologist with a masters degree apparently - SAD SAD SAD
OK why don't we all list our qualifications? Why? because the
arguement shouldn't need that kind of support - it should stand on
it's own merit.

get a life, get an education - you cetainly don't seem to have
absorbed the most basic of introductory sociology texts if you can put
your name to the garbage you posted here.

However if the author wnats to email me a copy of his work I'll read
it! I may change my mind if the evidence is compelling enough - it
will have to be a lot more insightful than what has been posted here

A sociologist who is not goiung to list his qualifications..