Re: if Bigfoot were real what would it be?

Dan Barnes (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 16:00:25 GMT

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> What Ron needs are the works of cryptozoologists. There are plenty
>of serious Bigfoot hunters out there, ranging from the scientific to
>the flaky right down to the practical jokers, but I don't have a
>current source with names right here. The most prominent Bigfoot
>hunter to date was Ivan T. Sanderson; the most prominent and
>influential overall cryptozoologist, Bernard Heuvelmanns. If you go
>to the website listed below and follow the link to the page titled
>"All Human Knowledge," you will find links to sites that were working
>when I added them, such as to "Gigantopithecus blackii" and *Strange*
>Magazine, a good solid all-things-weird magazine whose "Strange
>Bookshop" section should get you launched on the wonderful world of
>weird critters. Have a good time. The anamolous animals are out
>there (or, if they aren't, at least the information on them is!).
>This is Peni.
>Kid books are better than grownup books.
>Check out
I read in this months Fortean Times that they are having Bigfoot hairs DNA
analysed at Ohio Uni. Anyone know of the results. It is also claimed that a
Chinese hair analysed bore no resemblance to any known primate.
With reference to the identity of the possible hominid:
Neanderthal: too short but last remains only 27,000 years ago.
Gigantopithecus: too tall (14 ft., I think compared to Bigfoots 7 ft.) and last
remains are in the region of 1 million years old. But there are three sites in
China where G is found with early human remains (Longuppo being one).