Re: how many bastards are there, anyway?

Richard L. Brown (
18 Sep 1996 13:58:29 GMT

In article <51m7i7$>, (Ian A. York) writes:
>In article <>,
>Dave Wilton <> wrote:
[that a castrated cock's spurs are engrafted onto its comb.]

>I've heard of this practice several times before, always in explanations
>for the meaning of "cuckold". Does it sound completely bizarre to anyone
>but me? I mean, why stick spurs on something's head? Just for fun? If
>so, why just castrated cocks - why not the standard variety? Anyone seen
>this done? (I know there aren't all that many capons running around these
>days, but if this practice was really so prevalent for so long, it must
>have persisted somewhere.)

Cockfighting. Cocks fight each other, and you bet on the winner.

It's done to give advantage in a cockfight.


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