Re: Riddle for Morty

Matt Kennel (
18 Sep 1996 19:43:29 GMT

Abner Malloty ( wrote:
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: wrote:

: > Hey, Morty! Here's a riddle for you, a multiparter!
: Oh, goody! A riddle!

: > Who is associated with the ... <>

: This is two riddles.
: The first answer is: Liberals
: The second answer is: Donald Trump

: > Who began to dominate the U.S. educational system ...
: Hmmm, a toughie. I'm guessing: Teachers

: > Who began to dominate the U.S. legal system... <>
: I'm guessing: Lawyers

: > Who began to dominate psychoanalysis... <>
: There's a pattern forming here. I would say: Psychoanalysts. Or maybe:
: Therapists

: > Who began to dominate the medical profession, and ...
: Oh, this one's easy: Doctors, or if you need me to be more specific: Surgeons

: > Who began to influence social norms by way of the entertainment
: > and news media...
: Um...Prince? Madonna? Roseanne? Oh, I've got it! One-Named Celebrities!

: > Who began to influence the U.S. economy by way of fiscal
: > and, again, legislative policy-making ...
: Oh, there are too many answers to this one. Supply-siders? Reaganauts?
: Oh, hell, let's just say: Politicians

: > Who did their darnest to instigate civil rights legislation
: > in the U.S. ...
: Ooh, yep, a progression. We're back around to...Liberals

: So, having answered your riddles, do I win a prize?


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