Re: Illegal Immigration: Why the Gov't Looks the Other Way

Eric Omoerah (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 13:09:46 GMT

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> > > Illegal Immigration: Why the Gov't Looks the Other Way
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> > > The primary reason why the government is so lenient when
> > > it comes to illegal immigration is because such a policy
> apply the same methods that the previous governments used, to keep law
> > and order, the economy growing, and the wheels turning. You have to face
> > it apartheid had some good points!
> >
> This is a test for the news groups........---Can you ellaborate--- What do you mean by saying that apartheid has
some good points-- I don't see the points-- when it comes to
disemfrachizing and depriving others from having a good head start in
life. We are products of our families and our environments ---You should
read Mrs Clinton's book --It takes the village. You will see that
apartheid does more harm than good. No matter how secluded your life
style is, you will one day come out of the cage to deal with the rest of
the world or else your life is boring and incomplete. God has a reason
why he created people with different colors. For identification and to
make life spicy. And American founding fathers said that all men are
created equal. All of them were not white. Go and read your history.