Re: This used to be on disease and immunity

Tom Brown (
18 Sep 1996 17:36:01 GMT

To Eric Brunner, regarding his response to sisial@ix.netcom:

Your elitist academic tone is abhorrent. You may have a
few good points to make, and some worthwhile evidence to offer;
however, my impression of your entry is that you truly value
form over substance. Essentially, what you are saying is that
if someone does not have a firm grasp of the so-called "key"
academic terminology, then there is no point in entering into
any conversation in the general field. However, if you were
really interested in getting at the approximate truth of an
argument, you'd be more concerned with trying to determine what
someone is saying (whether or not they use your own forms of
jargon) rather than attempting to eject them from the debate with
elitist bullying. I implore you--from one anthropologist to
to LIGHTEN UP and let people have their contributions!