Re: Repatriation

Susan S. Chin (
Thu, 19 Sep 1996 03:06:10 GMT

Eric Brunner ( wrote:
: Susan S. Chin ( wrote:
: : It's been 6 years since the passage of the Repatriation Act, whereby
: : Native American remains and artifacts held by federally funded
: : institutions must be made available for reburial or return to Native
: : American groups.

: : I'm curious what the effect this has had on anthropologists and
: : archaeologists specialising in the study of Native American prehistory.
: : Overall, has this hindered/helped Anthropological studies? Has the NAGPRA
: : increased dialogue between Native Americans and Anthropologists?

: A better venue for such a query may be the nagpra listserv.

There's a mailing list for this topic??? Where is it, and who posts to
it. Thanks.