trevor rigler (
16 Sep 1996 22:44:45 GMT

Toby Cockcroft ( wrote:
: Some of the crap I have been getting in my e-mail box.

: Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 14:16:10, -0500
: To:
: Subject: Re: Internet Message

: Dear Sir:
: Toby Cockcroft MA Anthropology
: Dept. of Anthropology
: University of Western Ontario

Yeah, I got quite a bit of the same crap when I responded publicly to
his/her/its post here on sci.anthro. He/she/it didn't seem to understand
that a public post yields public responses... and whined incessantly that
I was wasting his/her/its time.

One little gem I received that was absent from the e-mail you received
was a pathetic, adolescent threat to herd us all into Auschwitz. I
suppose I could have complained to PLOPIGY about misuse/abuse, but it
hardly seemed worth my trouble.

I think he/she/it was somehow harmed by Boas in a past life or
something. :)

Respected internationally, eh? Delusions of grandeur, I trust.

I guess one thing that's good about the Gidney-types on the net is they
provide a fabulous example of the purpose of a KILLFILE.

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