Ibogaine on tv Fri Sept 20th

Eboka (eboka@aol.com)
17 Sep 1996 11:47:24 -0400

Beyond 2000 on the Discovery Channel will be showing a segment on
IBOGAINE, an experimental medication now being evaluated for its use to
treat heroin and cocaine addiction. Ibogaine was originally discovered in
the rain forests of West Africa and has been used in traditional medicine
and religion for centuries. FDA approved safety studies are now ongoing
in the United States.

The Ibogaine television segment will be shown on Friday, September 20th at
11:30 PM (all time zones) on BEYOND 2000 on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL in the
United States. Beyond 2000 is shown in over 30 other countries. Persons
wishing to find out when the Ibogaine segment will be shown in their
country should contact the Discovery Channel or Beyond 2000 and request
broadcast schedules for the ENDABUSE SEGMENT #210.

Information on Ibogaine's history, pharmacology, chemistry, ethnography,
treatment referral and human studies can be accessed at web page