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18 Sep 1996 07:43:24 GMT

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> >>> This is only true if the economy is a zero sum game.
> The Author previously responded:
> >> The United States economy and its society are being mismanaged right into
> >> the ground. Isn't that "zero sum" enough for you?

> Your assertion is absolutely false. The concept of "zero sum
> game" has absolutely no applicability or relevance to the topic
> at hand whatsoever. I have no idea why you are even bothering
> to bring this non-issue up. I am sticking to my previous response
> 100 per cent.
> When Satan baited Jesus Christ, Jesus responded, "Go away, Satan!"

I guess God does have a plan for you....

OK. I'll tell you what a zero sum game is. It is very simple. A zero sum
game simply means, in this context, that the size of the economy is set
and limited. Therefore, the only way for someone to make gains is for
others to have losses. In specific, you say that in order for women to
make gains, men must have losses. You do not allow for an economy that is
growing at a greater pace than the population therefore women can make
gains without men losing because women could disproportionately benefit
from the overall growth of the economy.

There was no baiting intended, except that you would fail to understand
the concept and be shown up for it.

Paul C. Bernhardt, M.S. in Social Psychology (non-clinical)