Re: Adaptationism's Lessons (was Re: Evolution, "adaptation")

Robert Snower (
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 02:56:09 GMT (Paul Gallagher) wrote:

>It does not follow that Bryant is right that there is a gene for
>jealousy. Most genetic determinists are genetic reductionists and
>cultural functionalists. It does not follow that even if genetic
>reductionism and cultural functionalism are correct(and tractable), genetic
>determinism is correct (and tractable).

>By the way, has there been a heritability study for jealousy?

There is no gene for "jealousy." There might be a gene, or genes, for
an instance of jealousy, or instances of jealousy. There are no genes
for abstract concepts, including "altruism," or "selfishness."

Best wishes. R. Snower