Re: Illegal Immigration: Why the Gov't Looks the Other Way
Mon, 16 Sep 1996 07:26:34 -0500

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> I'm wondering if you've ever had a principles of economics class. FYI, if
> the prices of goods and services are falling, real incomes must, by
> definition, be rising.

> I suggest you repost this to alt.perotista.economics.idiots.

The Author responds:

It amazes me that a person who lacks a basic understanding of
Economics AND Mathematics would dare to go throwing around a
word like "idiot."

So Econo-slugbrain, did it ever occur to you that if the prices
of goods and services fall more slowly than the purchasing power

> Furthermore your argument is based on the "fallacy
> of composition", that is, you are basing your argument on the idea that
> all real incomes are falling.

The Author responds:

Well it takes an econo-slugbrain to see an assumption where none
exists. I never said that ALL real incomes are falling! Read
my treatise! The very wealthy are making out like bandits on
the downwardly equalized wages of workers and on the coolie wages
of illegal immigrants. Their wealth expansion is also fueled by
debt spending on the part of the populace who are resorting to
credit cards and home equity loans to maintain a standard of living
in the face of downwardly equalized wages.

The econo-slugbrain wrote:

> that this is because global competion is reducing the labor
> value added in most manufacturing industries.

The Author adds:

I've had to make a strong point of this in other threads: Globalism
IS NOT INDEPENDENT of equal employment opportunity (EEO). It is an
outgrowth of EEO. Globalism is one of the self-correcting forces
of the labor market which are downwardly equalizing everyone's wage
to the perceived value of the least preferred job candidate.

The econo-slugbrain wrote:

> Real wages, based upon labor
> productivity, in intellectual services and high-technology industries ar,
> in fact, rising.

The Author responds:

Yes, there is still demand for labor in the area of technology,
but this is because technology and automation fit into the downward
wage equalization trend. Employers are in a mad rush to eliminate
legal liabilities and headaches more commonly known as the typical
human worker. When the rush is over, then wages in this area will
take a tumble. Moreover, it is a ridiculous fallacy to believe that
everyone in this country can be employed as a computer programmer.

The econo-slugbrain wrote:

> Also, if you think that protectionism will increase our standard of
> living, you are sadly mistaken, and I suggest you learn some basic
> economic principles.

The Author responds:

The econo-slugbrain makes a great leap here from premise to conclusion
without the least bit of argumentation in between. Read my treatise!
It contains a very simple analysis of how free trade will absolutely
devastate our country. I should consider rewriting and simplifying
this analysis further for the benefit of the slugbrain.

However, protectionism without the elimination of EEO will also
devastate our country as the recent EEO-impelled trends are already

The econo-slugbrain wrote:

> The immigration "problem" you see is generally a side effect of our
> welfare policies. Welfare and minimum wage requirements keep US citizens
> from taking low-wage jobs. Illegals fill that void in the workforce. I
> guarantee that if you eliminate the welfare state, illegal immigration
> will slow to the point that it becomes a meaningless point of discussion.

The Author responds:

Your analysis is a bit faulty here. Why don't you include the
absence of an intersection between supply and demand for domestic
labor as to why US citizens are not taking low wage jobs. More
simply stated: THE WAGES BEING OFFERED ARE TOO LOW! Many, many
white males are dropping out of the work force to become Mr. Moms
and househusbands because the financial incentives to remain in
the work force are lacking.

You totally ignored the point of lax enforcement of the illegal
immigration laws, and you foisted another premise without
argumentation. I just don't see how the elimination of welfare
will reduce incentives to illegal immigrants to come here when
there still will be better opportunities for them here than in
their home countries.

So, econo-slugbrain go to school, study basic eco, basic math,
and basic logic, and keep your yap shut lest you develop
an unwanted reputation.

If anyone would like a free email copy of the multipart
treatise on the downward wage equalizing effects of
equal employment opportunity, send a brief, one line request

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"Government enforced wage equalization will work only in
the downward direction" - despite any initial appearance to
the contrary! And the most shocking thing of all is that the
least preferred job candidate doesn't even have to be awarded
a job for many phenomena to take place!