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Mon, 16 Sep 1996 15:39:39 GMT

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>>On one hand, you have the idea that culture is functional; on the other, that
>>human culture arises from the genes, and that the variation among human cultures
>>arises from variation in the genes. [snip]

>The favored sociobiological/evolutionary psychological perspective, I think,
>currently is that species-typical evolved psychological adaptations
>generate a diversity of cultural elements in different ecological and
>historical settings. You describe a behavioral genetics view above.

How can there be an evolved generalized psychological adaptation for every
ecological and historical settings known for human culture?

>>I don't want to imply that culture is functional.

>Heavens, no. :)

Tongue in cheek, eh?

>>I am suggesting that a
>>culture that is autonomous from the genes would better serve the reproduction
>>of the genes than a culture that is determined by the genes.

>Superorganic theory? Why would practices be adopted which do not reflect
>evolved individual strivings?

Because cultural "practices" didn't evolve at all in the strict functional
adaptationist point of view.



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