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Wed, 18 Sep 1996 08:33:47 -0500

In article <>, (Paul Bernhardt) wrote:

> OK. I'll tell you what a zero sum game is. It is very simple. A zero sum
> game simply means, in this context, that the size of the economy is set
> and limited. Therefore, the only way for someone to make gains is for
> others to have losses. In specific, you say that in order for women to
> make gains, men must have losses. You do not allow for an economy that is
> growing at a greater pace than the population therefore women can make
> gains without men losing because women could disproportionately benefit
> from the overall growth of the economy.

The Author responds:

There is no need to explain something to me which I completely
understood beforehand.


I NEVER said that "in order for women to make gains, men must have losses."
What I said was that UNDER EEO, if women seek out equal pay they will
not only drive down the pay of men, they will also drive down their
own earnings potential; THEY WILL BOTH HAVE LOSSES! In the absence of EEO,
women are free to make gains for themselves by seeking out the highest
bidding employer for their services without having their earnings linked to
anyone else's. Under EEO, everything everywhere will be equalized to the
value of the least preferred job candidate! Better yet, in the absence of
EEO, women are free to start enterprises, something they are supposedly
good at, so you see, men need not be losers due to women's gains! Under
EEO, women are still free to start enterprises, but they are not free to
run the enterprise according to their own style and vision in order be to
optimally efficient and profitable.

It's really tired that people like you point to an expanding economy.
What you are failing to factor in are the "rigging" effects of
governmental manipulations primarily in the areas of deficit
spending and monetary policy. When the true impact of these misguided
policies are felt, then I do not think that the U.S. will have an
economy of which to speak. Is this "zero sum" enough for you?