Re: Illegal Immigration: Why the Gov't Looks the Other Way

Jean-Luc Bompard (
Mon, 16 Sep 1996 22:29:02 -0100

As wrote:
> Illegal Immigration: Why the Gov't Looks the Other Way
> The primary reason why the government is so lenient when
> it comes to illegal immigration is because such a policy
> allows for the availability of cheap goods and services
> to the residents of this country. This is due to the fact
> that illegals work for dirt cheap wages frequently below
> the minimum wage level and without benefits.
> The same pretty much holds true for the government's policy
> regarding legal immigration. New immigrants are quite eager
> to become established, and they are more than happy to accept
> "competitive" wages that are well below the regular U.S. rates
> and yet well above the wages that were available in the old
> country.
> Making goods available at cheap prices is also the objective
> of trade alliances such as NAFTA and GATT, but why such a
> reversal of past policy of protectionism and tariffs?
> Well, if the standard of living slips in this country, then
> the politicians will have hell to pay for it. In case you are
> not aware of it, real wages in the U.S. have been declining
> in recent decades, so to make up for this, the government
> is substituting the availability of cheap goods and services,
> as a direct result of these faulty, short-sighted policies.
> What an expensive price to pay for "cheap" goods and
> services!
> Why, you may be asking, have wages been declining in the
> U.S.? The answer goes back to government actions as they
> pertain to government enforced wage equalization under
> equal employment opportunity (EEO). No politician would
> dare at this time to suggest the repeal of EEO, so for
> politicians it is far more politically expedient and correct
> to institute campaigns and policies for the infusion of
> cheap, cheap, goods and services. Hmmm, let's recap a
> little here: declining wages plus cheap prices for goods
> and services; sure sounds like deflation to me! Deflation,
> in case you are not aware, is reputed to have brought
> down far more empires than inflation!! WOW!
> If anyone would like a free email copy of the multipart
> treatise on the downward wage equalizing effects of
> equal employment opportunity, send a brief, one line request
> to:
> Hurry while the penet remailer is still forwarding email
> to the "na" form of addresses.
> "Government enforced wage equalization will work only in
> the downward direction" - despite any initial appearance to
> the contrary! And the most shocking thing of all is that the
> least preferred job candidate doesn't even have to be awarded
> a job for many phenomena to take place!

As usual people look for very deep explanations for very simple
If the present government of South Africa was to do something about
illegal emigration,and crime and everything else, they would have to
apply the same methods that the previous governments used, to keep law
and order, the economy growing, and the wheels turning. You have to face
it apartheid had some good points!