Race (was Re: Political Sci/Social Sci Term Paper Ideas)

Bryant (mycol1@unm.edu)
15 Sep 1996 15:17:30 -0600

In article <na716472-1409960929580001@nyc-ny12-06.ix.netcom.com>,
...A person critiquing feminism, wrote in part:

>> their lack of a traditional homelife has also contributed to a lower
>> white birth rate which is less than the replacement rate, thereby
>> contributing to the extinction of the white race.

I highly recommend to folks worried about the extinction of their European
alleles Ernst Mayr's many writings on the topic of the conintuum of human

Evolutionary biologists have long since abandoned typological
thinking (Platonic 'essentialism', archetypes, racial types, etc.) in
favor of "population thinking."

See Mayr's _One Long Argument_, for instance. It should unburden your
mind of racist concerns, if you're willing to evaluate his argument
calmly and objectively.