Native American skull in fridge?

Fred Hawes (
14 Sep 1996 15:28:39 -0400


About 2 weeks ago I read a truly strange national-news brief
describing an 800-year-old Native American skull found in an
abandoned refrigerator along the side of some state highway in,
I think, Alabama. I believe the skull had indications of a head
wound on it. Authorities were looking into the matter, trying
to find out how the skull got into the refrigerator, etc. An
Alabama state trooper was quoted to the effect of "We know for
a fact that this guy didn't get wounded and then crawl into the
refrigerator to die." Smart bunch, those Alabama state troopers.

This was definitely one of the oddest things I had read in a
"legitimate" newspaper in quite a while (although you may argue
about the legitimacy of The Tallahassee Democrat as a newspaper).
Have there been any developments in the story? Has anyone else
even seen anything about this story, or did my subconscious mind
just confabulate the whole thing?

Not trolling, honestly, even though this post may look like it,
Fred Hawes