Re: Political Sci/Social Sci Term Paper Ideas Available

Paul Bernhardt (
15 Sep 1996 02:57:11 GMT

In article <>, wrote:

> Women who have been caught up in feminism not only have contributed
> to declining standards in the work world including the standards of
> verisimilitude and ethics, but their lack of a traditional homelife
> has also contributed to a lower white birth rate which is less than
> the replacement rate, thereby contributing to the extinction of the
> white race.

Wow!!! No wonder this person posts from a pseudo-anonymous address (we all
know that is out of business for about a month now). It is
all a jargon laced pseudosophisticated argument that supports racist and
misogynist tripe.

Translation of the above for those not inclined to wade through it:
Feminism increases lying and low ethical standards. Feminism makes white
women have fewer babies. This means that the white race is in danger of
disappearing off the face of the earth. Amazing and faulty.

There are large numbers of Black, Hispanic, Asian, et al. feminists,
possibly more as a percentage of each racial group than of Whites. If
feminism decreases birth rates, shouldn't the birth rates of these groups
be similarly affected? Or is he/she arguing that Whites are differentially
affected by feminism so that it makes the white race liable to extinction?
If that is his arguement it clearly implies that whites have weaker powers
of reasoning and can't understand the dangers of feminism. His/her
reasoning is faulty for sure.

Go away silly racist person. All your pseudosophisticated arguements are
just hot air. If there is anything to your thesis, get it published
yourself. Why offer it to others? You are a silly, very silly, small
minded person.

Paul C. Bernhardt, M.S. in Social Psychology (non-clinical)