Re: Affirmative Action (Was: Anthroplogists, I need advice!)

Daniel Maltz (
15 Sep 1996 01:05:52 GMT wrote:
: Affirmative action has fucked up anthropology and academia in general in
: the USA. You can't escape it by going to another coast. Any system that
: works through discrimination and bases hiring on what ethnic or sexual
: group you are in rather than what kind of work you do will have dire
: results, and these results are in. It is not a pretty picture.
: Jay

Sorry Jay, but I don't agree with you. As you know, I partially
overlapped with you at UC Berkeley and I firmly believe that affirmative
action improved anthropology and academia in general. I also believe
that affirmative action decreased rather than increased discrimination in
hiring. If any contrary evidence is in, I certainly have not yet seen it.