Re: Brain size, IQ
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 18:15:33 GMT (Gerold Firl) wrote:

>A lot of modern europeans look pretty neandertalish; it seems to me
>that I've run across a few intermediate forms.

Intermediate? What would meet your criteria of intermediate?

Why do we persist in imagining poor ol' neanderthal as brutish and not
quite up to speed as far as our own species? I find myself tempted to
claim that neanderthal exists today (my ex husband comes glaringly to
mind) and realise that my own first thoughts regarding neanderthal is
that cartoonish brute with a club, grunting and vacuous eyed.

Gasp...I must fight my obvious homo sapien sapiencentricity! Why, I
might find myself thinking that neanderthal humans were hedonistic
while we modern humans are of course, way above that with our
altruistic moral thinking, you know...removed from the rest of the
"lower animals"....the great homo sapien sapien!!!! TaDa!!!


Don't be is only humour of the highest sort!
(stifled giggles)