Re: Adaptationism's Lessons (was Re: Evolution, "adaptation")

Paul Gallagher (
13 Sep 1996 12:53:59 -0400 (John Wilkins) writes:

>| As Cronin says more articulately than I could, the problem is that
>| critics "are conflating the claim that natural selection is the only
>| [creative] evolutionary force with the claim that all characteristics of
>| organisms must be adaptive" (p. 86).

>Hear, hear

Apparently, our discussions on made no impression on you.
I'm disappointed. In any case, I recommend Williams' 1992 book, Natural
Selection, for his current thoughts, in particular with regard to clade

I also commend to you:
Lenski's paper in Fitch and Ayala, ed., Tempo and Mode in Evolution.