Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

pete (VINCENT@reg.Triumf.CA)
13 Sep 1996 19:34:14 GMT

Jim Yahr ( sez:
`Daniel D Scripture wrote:
`> What puzzles me about all this is what they propose to teach in a
`> biology class that doesn't teach evolution--modern biology _is_
`> evolution. There is no part of biology that is not affected quite
`> directly by evolutionary theory. Evolutionary theory is _the_
`> theoretical background of _all_ biology. So what the hell are they
`> going to teach, even if they don't teach creationism? 18th century
`> taxonomy?
`> Dan Scripture
`> UC Santa Cruz

`I think you're misunderstanding the attitude of politicians here in New
`Mexico. When we moved here last year, we looked for schools for our
`kids. Once they get past sixth grade, the education system goes to
`hell. We asked about it and where told outright that "We don't want our
`kids too well educated. When we do, they leave the state and don't come
`back." As a consequence, teachers aren't well paid, the gov. wants to
`CUT teacher salaries, and nationally the education system ranks in the
`bottom 5 states.

Presumeably the neighbourhood around Los Alamos doesn't suffer from these
problems. If I lived within 50 miles of there, I'd do my best to get my
kids into their schools (where the children of the 7000 employees of
the Los Alamos Nat. Lab go to school, and average marks are highest in
the nation).

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