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Fri, 13 Sep 1996 18:21:01 GMT

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>>>Wait a minute. Substitute "Black" and "jew" in there, and you can get an
>>>even nastier implication. OR you could stop putting words in other
>>>peoples' mouths and try to deal with their points instead.
>>Whoa yourself and that big Cannonball Express of yours, Bryant! It is your
>>"rape craving" hypothesis were talking about, not some other "race craving"

>This isn't the prototype, but it's a damn fine example of Lenny's
>distraction techniques. Nail him on falsely quoting, and he does it
>again, but closer to home.

That's entertaining! A sociobiologist shying away from his roots. Perhaps you
would be so kind as to enumerate what falsities you perceive in my quote from
EOW's work?

>I really don't have time for this anymore, so I'm calling it quits with
>Lenny. Hopefully some of the folks who agree with whatever points he's
>been trying to make (if any) will be better able to articulate them for
>me. I'd be happy to address the issues, once they're presented.

It's simple, Bryant. You're sociobioligcal agenda to dominate the social
sciences is bankrupt.



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