anthro curriculum in grade schools

JanetKV (
13 Sep 1996 09:53:17 -0400

I am new to news grps so bare with me. I would like some feedback from
educators and anthropologists. I am very much interested in designing
units of study for a grade school curriculum, that explore issues of
culture-belief systems, social organization etc. And to present this
outside of the realm of "social studies", which I find to be a very
watered down pieces of info that are dry and very often not relevant. I
envision presenting these "units" to schools in a variety of ways-ideally
to work with a concept over a period of time say a month, or come in to a
school much the way artists come in to work on a specific project-do a day
long intensive whatever. This has long interested me. I have been out of
the loop of full time working for quite some time(at home mother) I have
an anthro undergrad degree with work experience in Alaska. I need some
feedback. Is this being done out there? Is there are graduate program
that I could enter that might be of some help. As you can see I am just
beginning to formulate this idea and this is my first jumping off place.
thanks for reading this long message