Re: Adaptationism again

Bryant (
12 Sep 1996 13:36:14 -0600

In article <518a0m$>, Paul Gallagher <> wrote:

Among Stephen's comlaints about Gould's writing style:>
>>- Straw-man argumentation.

Well, a precise answer, if nothing else. Heh. The Panglossian
characterization is clearly a straw man argument. If you can point to a
published sociobiological paper which argues for currently, optimal
utility is all traits, I'll take that back. If not, you're either not
familiar with Gould & Lewontin's papers or you misunderstand the modern
adaptationist program.

>Don't believe everything Dawkins tells you.
>Is Dawkins becoming the new Ayn Rand? All these little Dawkins-ites
>so sure they know everything!

Um, Dawkins never accused Gould of straw-man argumentation, as far as I

Instead of trying to insult folks into agreeing with you, Paul, perhaps
you should delineate exactly what you object to in the modern adaptationist
program. Cite papers if you can; it would help us understand your position.