Paul Renouf (
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 01:00:32 +0100

In article <513tfa$>, Eric Brunner
<> writes
>this suggestion is rather unconscious.
>In the second instance, the original was posted in one of the Native
>USENET News groups, which is where much of our (non-European) work of
>ongoing political resistance to the continuous Conquest takes place,
>so us ignorant savages already thought of that one without the help of
>some Pommy twit <g>.
>In the third place, sympathy doesn't pay rent, for large values of rent.
>Something a bit more useful than empty words would be less absurd.
I was trying to help, Eric. I also took the trouble to see where else
you might have posted, but only got sci.anthropology noted.
You refer to me as a pommy twit. This is the language of your white
oppressors, is it not?
The chip on your shoulder has got so big you can`t recognise empathy
when you hear it. Maybe you are not the right guy to represent your
people`s aspirations. Bitterness shrieks out from your angry and
inappropriate response. Even sympathisers shrink from bitterness.
With apologies to those who rightly think this has little to do with the
study of anthropology
Paul Renouf