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> Cole and Jan Newby) wrote:
> > When oh when are we going to tackle the freaky
> > issue (and costly issue) of gender wage equity
> The Author responds:
> OK, since you asked, here is an excerpt from the questions
> and answers section of the treatise:
> Question: In a free market environment, female workers have
> historically earned salaries which are approximately 60% to 65%
> of the salaries of males doing the same work. Does equal pay
> for females mean that men will have to take a real wage cut of
> 35% to 40%?
> Answer: No, if females demand equal pay, the real wage cut for
> men will be much greater than 40%, AND there will be substantial
> real wage cuts for most women as well! [See the treatise for the
> balance of the answer.]

so, women should accept less pay for doing the same work? why? should
women also stay home barefoot, pregnant, greeting their husbands every
evening with a warm dinner in one hand and a cold beer in the other??
is that what you want?

also, could you please define the term least preferred job candidate, to
this point you have not defined it in a manner that is clear to

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