Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Bryant (
12 Sep 1996 07:38:42 -0600

In article <>, the explempar of Prussian
manhood, Lars Eighner <>, wrote: >
>So the claim is what? Social Darwinists were subjectively evil
>and sociobiologists, etc. are subjectively good?

The claim is that Spencerian "social darwinists" were precursors to the
fascists you allude to, while social biologists are not in that tradition
at all. Most sociobiologists, as a matter of fact, are politically left
of center, as if that were relevant.

>>Do you understand the profound difference between proscribing political
>>policy and describing social behavior?
>Sticking a little disclaimer on things is not much of a difference.
>"Of course we don't actually endorse rape, but . . ." just won't
>do it.

So your answer, profoundly, is that no, you do not comprehend the
difference between fascist politics and social science. How pathetic.

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