Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

Daniel D Scripture (
12 Sep 1996 04:18:28 GMT

>Bryant wrote:
>> I want to make sure that this thread's readers are made aware that I
>> (accidentally) exaggerated the gravity of the situation in NM.
>> Creationism is *not* mandated by the new school board
>> guidelines--evolution has simply been removed as a requirement for
>> biology classes. The issue of creationism is "left open" to the
>> individual teachers.
>> Bryant

What puzzles me about all this is what they propose to teach in a
biology class that doesn't teach evolution--modern biology _is_
evolution. There is no part of biology that is not affected quite
directly by evolutionary theory. Evolutionary theory is _the_
theoretical background of _all_ biology. So what the hell are they
going to teach, even if they don't teach creationism? 18th century

Dan Scripture
UC Santa Cruz