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12 Sep 1996 03:06:07 GMT

Paul Renouf ( wrote:
: In article <513tfa$>, Eric Brunner
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: >this suggestion is rather unconscious.
: >

Pity this point was so casually overlooked, that sci.anth is about as
political a newsgroup as anyone could hope to find, wracked by (patent
pending) Eurocentrics-without-bais and Sociobiologists-without-scruple.

: >USENET News groups, which is where much of our (non-European) work of
: >ongoing political resistance to the continuous Conquest takes place,
: >so us ignorant savages already thought of that one without the help of
: >some Pommy twit <g>.

Note the "<g>".

: >In the third place, sympathy doesn't pay rent, for large values of rent.
: >Something a bit more useful than empty words would be less absurd.
: I was trying to help, Eric. I also took the trouble to see where else
: you might have posted, but only got sci.anthropology noted.
: You refer to me as a pommy twit. This is the language of your white
: oppressors, is it not?

See above whilst buying a clue.

: The chip on your shoulder has got so big you can`t recognise empathy
: when you hear it.

The cash value of empathy is just what again please? I'll take the London
Market Fixing Price.

: Maybe you are not the right guy to represent your
: people`s aspirations.

Clearly one can read less than what any poster posts, but to do so baldly
a ever-other-para job of it is rather ... accomplished.

: Bitterness shrieks out from your angry and
: inappropriate response. Even sympathisers shrink from bitterness.

Umm, about the value of sympathy again ... Nah, done that already.

: With apologies to those who rightly think this has little to do with the
: study of anthropology
: Paul Renouf

Eric Brunner